Best Video & Movement Baby Monitor

Today’s parents aren’t just looking for a monitor to listen anymore, they want to physically see their little angel and ensure they are safe and sound while sleeping in their crib.

It is no longer good enough just to hear your baby, which is why the leading Angelcare movement sensor pads have become so important. They will pick up even the slightest movement that audio and video monitors alone cannot recognize. There are so many innovative and dependable products on the market today, but the undeniably best movement and video baby monitor is the Angelcare AC1300.

Angelcare AC1300 WhiteThe AC1300 features a customizable 3.5” LCD touchscreen parent unit with zoom, infrared camera with adjustable angle to be able to stream video in the day and night in any position, 2.4 GHz digital monitor transmission to enhance audio sound up to 820 feet, and an innovative under-the-mattress movement sensor pad.

The sensor pad picks up the smallest amount movements your baby makes and will alert you if no activities have been detected after 20 seconds. Don’t worry if you need to pick up your baby to feed or to change a diaper, all you need to do is press Hold/Pause and your baby can go back to napping when you are done. Other features include a nightlight, rechargeable parent unit, temperature display and control, and low battery indicator.

Parents love the peace of mind that comes with knowing their little darling is safe while in a different room as them. The colour video quality on the AC1300 camera is unbeatable, and parents also love the amount of range they can get on their parent unit. If you go too far don’t fret, the unit will indicate to you that you have gone out of range.

What beats the AC1300 from the other monitors is its incredibly clear night vision and that its monitor picks up every little sound effortlessly. You will also love the customizable settings on your parent unit.

Change the brightness of your screen, the volume, and customize your available features such as audible “Tic” which gives off a gentle tic sound whenever your baby moves for extra security all with your portable and trustworthy parent unit.

Since not all babies move the same, the AC1300’s sensor pad has adjustable sensitivity so you can adjust the right amount of sensitivity for your baby.

This monitor does take a minute to set up and install, due to its wide-angle camera and sensor pad. Parents have also noted that it is not intuitive to use and you will take a little adjusting to get used to. However, just as obtaining any new device always read the manual before use. If you follow the manual and instructions properly before installation you will be just fine.

Angelcare is a trusted brand parents know and love. You will rest easy knowing your little angel is sleeping unscathed while monitoring, watching and listening to its every sound and move. If you are looking for the most reliable and innovative baby movement and video monitor you can count on the Angelcare AC1300.

First Runner Up – Angelcare AC1100

Angelcare AC1300 Video Baby MonitorThis award-winning baby sound, video and movement monitor by Angelcare is only second to its newer AC1300 because of its older technology. But don’t mistaken older technology for redundancy because this innovative baby monitor still holds strong in the market for movement and video monitors. You will still enjoy all the same features and even more that the AC1300 has to offer.

The AC1100 offers a talk-back feature which allows you to use the parent unit like a walkie-talkie and talk to your baby without even opening the door to your nursery. You will also love the LCD touchscreen for its ease of use and easily change settings on its 2.75” screen. The AC1100 does not come with its own rechargeable batteries which you will have to purchase separately.

Parents also noticed it takes some time to set up and get used to but once you read the easy-to-read manual and installation instructions you will have no issue. You will not be disappointed with quality and the features of the AC1100.

Second Runner Up – Philips AVENT SCD630

Philips AVENT SCD630This video monitor does not have a movement sensor pad but you will be able to track your baby’s every move with this ultra clear 3.5” colour screen and 2x zoom. Its unique and adaptive FHSS connection allows for a completely private handset pairing with minimal interference.

Parents love its clear infrared night vision which switches automatically when it gets dark. This beautiful device also includes a talk-back feature, lullaby settings, a night light, and can range up to 300 metres outside. Parents appreciate the crystal-clear video technology and its easy to use, intuitive controls.

Another great feature is its vibrate setting which you can set to while clipped to your belt that will alert you when your baby is up. Parents who use this monitor were very pleased with its performance and you will be too!

Third Runner Up –  Palermo Wi-Fi

This state-of-the-art video monitor can double as a surveillance home monitor with any wifi connection. You can monitor using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any wifi-enabled device. The two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with loved ones even while away from the home using your smart phone. Record video in 720 pixel high-definition.

This video monitor also features an infrared night vision mode. The Palermo is also a motion detector which will alert you when it detects any movement. This makes a perfect baby monitor because it is quiet even as it moves while you scan the room using the settings on your device. You can move this camera up to 355 degrees side to side, and up and down up to 110 degrees.

Users noticed set up and installation was complicated, with so many options to install and also worry of an insecure wifi set up. However, once you have this camera installed in your home rest assure you will have complete control over monitoring which ever room this camera is set up in.


When it comes to innovative baby video and movement monitors no doubt Angelcare is the leader. Even better, the Angelcare AC1300 is the best choice you can make with its brand-new technology, crystal-clear video monitor and trusted sensor pad. The AC1300 is highly recommended if you are looking for a baby monitor that will ensure your angel is safe while sound asleep in your nursery.

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